The best work team to have is one where each member trusts one another. This is a dream team. It is like a group of people predestined to mesh well and do great things together. It is what dreams are made of.

How do I know when my team is working well together.

  1. Absenteeism is low. Everyone just love going to work because they know that they will be people who appreciate them and value the work that they do.
  2. Ownership is high. You do not need to ask for volunteers to work on weekends and holidays. They are just so willing to come to work and it is not too hard to pull them from their families. You also do not need to beg them to work overtime for sudden needs or emergency cases. You team will just be enthusiastic to help out and make sure that their shift and the next are covered.

There are a lot of other ways to see how good your team is working together. It is not hard to see, though and you will appreciate it a lot that you’ve invested on having a good team that can work effectively and profitably together.